19.10.2015 - Coupole Biel-Bienne, Switzerland




Host: Mr. Washington

In a Soundclash participate two or more sounds/sound systems alternating, mostly over several rounds, within a fixed time, their productions, made by singers individualy for the sound, the so-called Dubplates, against each other, which is still heated up by the MCs of the sounds. It's a measure in a musical contest. High point of a Clash is the Dub fi Dub, in which the sounds play alternating song for song their strongest and often rarest Dubplates. Usually are those Dubs in-sung by foundation Singers on foundation Riddims. In a clash with more than two sounds will be a voting after every/some rounds. The Host announce all the sound successively, the public vote with handsigns and noise. The sound with the less votes can’t join the next round. The last sound who will stay in the clash is the winner, the champion, and will get the trophy and the title.

October 19th 2015 // Couple Biel-Bienne // Switzerland

it's musical-war!

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